Dog-Friendly Winter Activities: Keep Your Pet Active This Season

January 23, 2023

Just like humans, it’s not uncommon for dogs to get the winter blues, with inevitably shorter walks throughout the day and snowed-in dog parks, your pup is bound to be missing out on some exercise that’s critical for their health and happiness. Let’s make our New Year’s goal to keep our furry friends happy and healthy all year round, regardless of weather! Here are some ways to spend quality time with your pet: 

Even if your local outdoor dog park is snowed-in, there’s still a way for you and your pet to get some socialization! Indoor dog parks are becoming increasingly popular in areas that endure harsh winters, opening up the opportunity for you and your dog to enjoy others’ company at any time of year. Check out to find an indoor dog park near you! 

Another way to keep you and your dog exercised during the winter months is to try out skijoring, which is a cross between skiing and dog sledding. Strap on your skis and have your dog(s) pull you across some flat land. It saves you some energy while cross-country skiing, while giving your pet the ultimate workout. Skijoring is an amazing way to explore the outdoors with your furry friend. Remember, some breeds are better built for the cold than others, so be sure to monitor your pet to ensure they’re warm enough. And be prepared to share your water; they’ll need it even more than you will!

If you and your dog are avid hikers during other seasons, you shouldn’t let a little cold weather and snow get in your way. There are tons of benefits of hiking in the winter, and it’s one of the easiest ways to get both you and your furry friend some sunshine and exercise. Along with the breathtaking winter-wonderland views from the top of a mountain, winter hiking also burns more calories than during other months, as well as boosts your immune system. Remember, days are much shorter in the winter, so be sure to bring a trusted light with you; here are some we recommend for hiking in the winter: 


Princeton Tec Byte Headlamp

Byte is the smallest and lightest of our headlamps at just 64 grams; perfect for long treks with your pet. It’s even small enough to be your dog’s own personal light; just hang it around their neck and they’ll have all the visibility they need! 


Princeton Tec ReFuel Headlamp Blue

With its one mode, a dimmable white flood light, Refuel is easily and intuitively operated, making it the perfect simple headlamp you’ll need for those winter hikes, or even just for nighttime walks! 

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