World Cancer Day: Our Partnership with BCPP 

February 3, 2023

 Princeton Tec is helping to raise awareness this World Cancer Day along with millions of others in order to help fight the devastating disease that causes the death of nearly ten million people worldwide each year. World Cancer Day “aims to promote awareness on cancer as a public health issue and to strengthen actions towards improving access to quality care, screening, early detection, treatment and palliative care,” (WHO).  

Today, we want to highlight an especially important program Princeton Tec is proud to be partnered with, Breast Cancer Prevention Partners or BCPP. Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer, with 264,000 women and 2,400 men diagnosed each year in the United States (CDC). And BCPP is the leading national organization of advocacy working towards eliminating chemicals and other exposures linked to breast cancer.  

According to BCPP, only 10% of breast cancer diagnoses are linked to genetics, leaving 90% of cases up to other risk factors that can be reduced by access to healthy food, nontoxic products, and protection from other exposures linked to breast cancer. BCPP says “we translate science into action, we press businesses to make products safer, and we pass health-protective laws.”  

Princeton Tec has been partnered with BCPP since 1997 and has donated over $50,000 in product to support their events. We believe BCPP, and all cancer research activism, is integral to making the world a better, cancer-free place. From all of us at Princeton Tec, we encourage you to act and help eliminate unnecessary exposure to cancer with BCPP. 

To get involved with BCPP through events such as walks, hikes, and educational events, visit or to donate to the cause visit:!/donation/checkout?c_src=whomeheader