Winter Camping: Why you should camp in the cold

January 10, 2023

When it comes to camping, we’re sure winter isn’t the first season that pops into mind. But there are so many reasons you should give camping in the cold a try this year! 

A benefit shared by most off-season activities is a smaller crowd, which really works in a camper’s favor when looking for a peaceful getaway into nature, whether it be alone, or with family and friends. While others are hiding away in their heated homes, bold winter campers can enjoy the outdoors in solitude, with less distractions, noise, and light, making for an even more awe-inspiring adventure (not to mention a higher likelihood of spotting wildlife). 

One of the avid camper’s favorite things about being hidden away from civilization, a breathtakingly starry night sky, is actually enhanced in the winter months. With shorter days and clearer skies, campers are sure to experience an even more awesome star-gazing experience. 

Like humans, mosquitoes and other pesky critters hide out when temperatures drop, making for a bug-free camping trip! Say goodbye to soaking yourself in smelly bug spray, and enjoy relaxing by the fire without having to slap away mosquitoes, cover your drink, and hear a constant buzzing next to your ear.  

Lastly, being outdoors is an excellent way to combat the seasonal blues as it prolongs your exposure to vitamin D, reducing feelings of depression. Exposure to nature is also linked to lowering your blood-pressure and reducing stress, two things that have a major impact on your mental health. So, if you’re looking to escape every once in a while, why not do it when your body needs it most?! 

Although camping during the winter has heaps of benefits, it’s important to keep safe by bringing along only the best gear. Here are the lights we recommend grabbing to enhance your winter getaway:  

Helix Li

Princeton Tec Helix Rechargeable Lantern Black

Helix Li is the ultimate camping lantern for all seasons. With its multiple hanging options, you have the control to manipulate Helix into whatever works best for you. Its collapsible and removable globe makes the lantern insanely easy to transport, even when pack space is limited. It’s micro-USB rechargeable and features a 110 hour runtime, so it’s sure to last your whole trip. 

Snap Solo

Princeton Tec Snap Solo Magnetic Headlamp Black

With its detachable magnetic head unit, Snap is our most versatile light yet. Snap can be worn as a traditional headlamp, used as a handheld flashlight, or attached to any magnetic surface to brighten the area around you or your workspace. You’ll definitely want Snap on hand while you camp—it’s versatility makes it the only light you’ll need!