Ways to Use: Helix Li (Even When its Freezing Outside) 

February 3, 2023

An outdoor enthusiast’s best friend, Helix puts out a bright, wide beam that surrounds your entire area in both dimmable white and red light. This unique light also features a glow in the dark, collapsible globe that allows for compact transport when pack space is limited. Helix is equipped with versatile legs that are designed to incorporate several hanging options for the lantern, as well as its standard standing position. The lantern’s innovative swipe control replaces ordinary buttons for a swift change between dimmable red and white modes. Lastly, Helix Li is micro-USB rechargeable. 

We already know that Helix Li is the ultimate lantern for all things outdoors, but what are some ways you can use the lantern when it’s freezing outside? Here are some of our favorite ways to use the Helix indoors: 

1. Table Side Light 

Looking for some chill lighting while reading, scrolling, or just relaxing in the evening? With its fully dimmable white light, Helix is perfect for when you need some convenient lighting by your side and can adjust its position and brightness to fit your exact needs, without turning on those harsh overhead lights.  

2. Bringing the Campsite Indoors 

Some of our favorite memories include bringing the outdoors inside when it’s just too unbearably cold to set up camp in the woods. Piling blankets inside a tent and “camping” in your living room is a fantastic way to ease the adventure lover’s winter blues. It’s a fun and imaginative activity great for kids and grown-ups alike! You can use Helix Li just as you would if you were set up outside; our favorite way is to hang the lantern from the top of the tent with its versatile legs! 

3. Power Outages 

With winter upon us, most of us can expect lots and lots of snow, which is great for skiing, sledding, and snowmen, but not so great for power lines. With snowstorms comes power outages, so winter is a crucial time to have lanterns on hand for when the lights inevitably give out. The great thing about Helix is that is throws a widespread beam, bright enough to illuminate an entire room…much simpler than lighting a dozen candles!