Spring ’18 Product Upgrades

Our favorites get a bump
By Princeton Tec Team May 4, 2018

Every year, Spring enters, exuding excitement. Maybe it’s the natural world literally bursting at the seams to put new growth forward, maybe it’s the promise of summer around the corner, maybe it’s just a nice change from the winter we had all settled into. Whatever the reason, as days start to ever so subtly get longer and the ground turns snow to mud to green, we all catch on and start buzzing ourselves, mimicking the natural world around us.

Don’t get us wrong, we love Winter. (We make lights: darkness is our friend.) But, if you’re like us, at some point during Winter, we all start planning. Planning on what we’ll do when the seasons change – and what we’ll need to have ready when it finally happens. (Our planning involved a lot of engineering drawings, we’re hoping yours included more maps and gear lists.)

This Winter we had our heads down in quite a few projects, including a round of upgrades to some of the staple headlamps in both our Family and Professional Series.

Here is a quick overview:


  • Lumen bump: was 205, now 420
  • User interface tweaks: added dimming on all modes
  • Features too good to change: waterproof (IPX7), durable construction
  • New colorways: Translucent Orange & Tan (with Multicam webbing)
  • Also available in Translucent Blue & Black

Apex (+ Pro & Extreme models)

  • Lumen bump: was 350, now 550
  • User interface tweaks: added dimming on all modes
  • Features too good to change: waterproof (IPX7), durable construction, various battery pack configurations, “stepped” mode settlings (high / medium / low) in addition to new dimming
  • New colorways: Red & Olive Drab
  • Also available in Black


  • Lumen bump: was 150, now 300
  • Features too good to change: Stable single arm bracket design for rotation, large mode button, easy battery access
  • New colorways: Gray (with orange)
  • Also available in Black, White/Green and Multicam


The days may be getting longer, but for most of us, so it the amount of time we plan to spend outdoors. We’re hoping some of these upgraded headlamps find their way into your gear packs just in time to start exploring the new world that has started to come awake in the past few weeks.