“One light, many uses.”

New from the flashlight factory: SNAP + Adapt
By Caitie Caroleo, Marketing Manager September 5, 2018

Princeton Tec is a pretty varied company. Consider our four divisions: Outdoor, Tactical, Industrial and Dive. Within those four divisions our customers vary greatly. Individually, what each customer needs from season to season, day to day and moment to moment varies greatly.

(We won’t even get into our differences within the company – imagine an ultralight backpacker and overlander discussing whether Bluetooth functionality in a lantern makes sense; a nighttime mountain biker and avid surf fisherman contemplating  the importance  of the red mode on a headlamp.)

Adaptability (simple, dependable adaptability) seemed to be the most useful feature we could add to a brand new light. What if one light could play the role of many?

We already had some experience in making lights versatile with our MPLS (Modular Personal Lighting System) line from our tactical division. Could we bring that adaptability into our Outdoor lights, too?

Short answer: we can. We did. We named it SNAP, and it seems like we’re not the only people who are pretty keen on it:

GearJunkie gave the SNAP a Best in Show award at this year’s Outdoor Retailer Summer Market.

“One light, many uses. The Princeton Tec Snap quickly and easily transitions from bike to head to campsite.”

Outside Magazine chose the SNAP as the Staff Pick for Favorite New Product at the same show:

“It’s really affordable, and can transition really well through a lot of activities. It can be the one light that you have in your camping kit and you really don’t have to think about packing a separate flashlight and a lantern and it just can sort of do all of those things.” – Ariella Gintzler, Outside Magazine

Gear Institute named the SNAP the Most Versatile of new ultralight headlamps:

“The beauty of this system is you can leave the bike mount housing attached to your bike, the headlamp portion on the headlamp strap, and the lantern component attached to a backpack or even at the apex inside of your tent even when it’s stuffed away—if that’s where you use it the most. The other convenient mounting method is the built in magnet on the light unit itself to adhere to anything metal, like above the wheel well when changing a flat, under the hood when checking the oil or on an L bracket or any bit of metal in a hut or yurt.”

Backpackers.com appreciated a fresh approach to a product that has been around for a while:

“Princeton Tec is known for headlamps, and headlamps are known for being a bit boring… Princeton Tec decided to make a more universal light by adding a magnet: the result is the SNAP light! We love this versatility, and think it’s a highly useful “do it all” headlamp for the basic user.”

Princeton Tec has adapted over our 43 year journey as a company. We started out focused on handheld dive lights in the 70s, moved on to durable hands-free lighting in the early 90s, and were the first makers of an LED headlamp in the late 90s. When there was a need, we developed lighting specifically for the military. When hazardous work environments required specially designed lighting, we made intrinsically safe lighting for industrial users. Currently we are pushing boundaries to make user interfaces more intuitive, mode selection more simple, and old stand-by products more feature-loaded.

We have not, however, wavered on our core principles: we remain family owned and operated, a US manufacturer that employs a local work force, and dedicated to our customers with a robust warranty policy and in-house customer service team.

We are just like the SNAP: adaptable without sacrificing proven standards. The SNAP offers the versatility to be able to handle whatever is ahead of you with a brand new magnetic based mount system, and dependability from time-tested design features like the stable asymmetrical arm bracket of our Family Series of headlamps, easy to find large push button for activation and popular intuitive mode control.

Check your favorite local gear shop for the Princeton Tec SNAP – and if you don’t see it, ask for it! Once you get your hands on one, let us know how you SNAP + Adapt on Facebook or Instagram.

Learn more about Princeton Tec’s newest product on the SNAP product page.

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