Night Skiing: Why you should try it, and some tips if you do

January 3, 2023
3 skiers at night using headlamps

Whether you’re a black diamond pro, or just getting started on the bunny hill, skiing and snowboarding is more often than not the adventure lover’s winter activity of choice. The thrill of conquering the mountains and gliding through some fresh powder, along with the chill of the winter air hitting your face, is an awe-inspiring feeling that awakens your inner explorer. 

Not much is more exciting than hitting the slopes and absorbing the breathtaking wintery views. But as days get shorter throughout the season, you’ll find yourself at sundown sooner than you’d hoped, cutting the adventure short if you rely on sunlight to be your ski guide. 

The good news is that skiing past sundown, aka night skiing, is becoming increasingly popular among the winter sports community as more and more skiers and snowboarders opt to take on the slopes in the dark. Along with an almost guaranteed even more thrilling experience, night skiing has tons of benefits: shorter lines, cheaper lift tickets, wide open slopes, and the spectacular view of skiing under the stars.

Like most winter activities, night skiing can be miserable without the right equipment, so keep these tips in mind before you head to the mountain this evening: 

1. Dress Appropriately.

Remember that the darker it is, the colder it gets. Although you might not want to bundle up as soon as you hit the slopes, be sure to bring the warmest gear you’ve got—just in case. Don’t forget a face covering!

2. Grab a buddy.

With decreased vision, any activity is slightly more dangerous in the dark, and with lower temperatures, you don’t want to find yourself getting injured while alone on the slopes!

3. Bring a light.

Trails can get icier at night, so it’s imperative to keep a close eye out for sketchy patches. Avoid unnecessary wipe-outs by keeping a flashlight or headlamp on hand for enhanced visibility in the dark. Here are the ones we recommend:


Princeton Tec apex black

It’s called an Extreme Adventure Headlamp for a reason. Apex is exceptionally powerful at 650 lumens, and is the most intense of all of Princeton Tec’s headlamps. Rated IPX7 waterproof, this headlamp is perfect for the significantly snowy conditions you’ll find on the mountain. 


Princeton Tec Vizz Headlamp Black

Our most durable and rugged headlamp, Vizz is perfect for skiers who live on the riskier side and expect take a few falls. It’s also great for cold weather activation with its raised button that’s easily felt through thick gloves. Like Apex, Vizz is rated IPX7, so wet conditions are no issue.