Ice Fishing: Reasons to Give it a Try

January 16, 2023

Most anglers toss their tackle boxes in the shed once their favorite spots begin to freeze over in the winter, while the much more niche sport of ice fishing takes over. Ice fishing is a totally different animal to conquer than traditional fishing; it’s extremely physically demanding, there’s a need for even more equipment, and most obviously, it’s freezing. But for some anglers, the season doesn’t end when the temperatures dip below zero, it’s just starting, and here’s why: 

Millions of people use fishing to get away from the stressors of everyday life; they find peace in the quiet and solitude of waiting for a bite, and many don’t want their favorite method of stress-relief to disappear as the ice begins to form. On top of this, ice fishing is arguably a more effective way to escape, since it isn’t unusual to be the only one on the ice, allowing for even more peaceful experience with nature. 

Others look forward to ice fishing season for a more strategic reason; many species of fish are only able to be caught after the water freezes and they venture closer to the surface. Anglers without boats also benefit from ice fishing, granting them access to an entire body of water that they can only fish the coast of during other seasons.  

Let’s not forget how physically demanding ice fishing can be. Some folks use ice fishing as a great way to get their workout in during a season where outdoor exercise opportunities are limited. Just hauling gear across the ice is enough to get your heart rate going, not to mention drilling holes and setting up camp.  

Lastly, some anglers look forward to the winter simply for the challenge. It’s a humbling experience to do something difficult for the fun of it, while our ancestors did the same to survive.  

No matter your motivation for ice fishing, it’s imperative to have quality gear to get you through your trip. Here are our recommendations for reliable lights to keep your fishing area bright:  


Princeton Tec Vizz Headlamp Black

Our most durable and rugged headlamp, Vizz is the perfect light to have on the unforgiving ice. It’s also great for cold weather activation with its raised button that’s easily felt through thick gloves, and Vizz is rated IPX7, so wet conditions are no issue. 

Helix Li

Princeton Tec Helix Rechargeable Lantern Black

Helix Li is the ultimate lantern to have at your fishing camp. With its multiple hanging options, you have the control to manipulate Helix into whatever works best for you. Its collapsible and removable globe makes the lantern insanely easy to transport, even when pack space is limited. It’s micro-USB rechargeable and features a 110 hour runtime, so it’s sure to last your whole trip.